Long Distance Moving

Our company has comprehensive experience in handling long-distance moving.

We are ready to help you no matter what your moving destinations: Hawaii, Alaska, or even Guam. We are ready to serve you moving to faraway places without hassle and fuss.

Long-distance moving can be very tiring and time-consuming. Find the right company to help you move and ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and in the best conditions.

Cross State Moving can help you to get rid of the moving hardships with the help of professional staff and in an organized and safe way.

We are aware that the most troublesome thing in moving is when you load and unload your important stuff. Our professional staff is ready to package and organize your goods to their destination.

There is no need to worry when the transfer day arrives because we will professionally handle the moving tasks for you.

Long-distance moving? Do You Want to make the best decision for the best moving service for you? Here are some tips that can help you!

1. Planning ahead
It is the first and foremost step to conduct so that your long-distance moving is successful. You must start planning at least eight weeks before moving.

2. Compare one company to another
Try to contact at least three moving companies and ask about the services they offer. For example, tariffs, vehicles to transport, packing processes, and other basic things.

3. Only focus on the comprehensive offers
Costs incurred for long-distance moving are usually from the weight of the goods carried. Make sure you know the weight of the items you are moving to know the exact costs involved and get a written memo from the company.

Make a written agreement and make sure you and your moving company have reached common ground and are ready to work together.

4. Check the reputation of the moving company
Your best chance to find out if a moving company you’re scouting is good or not is to check your local Better Business Bureau (BBB). A legal moving company must be included in the BBB list.

You can check when the company was established, complaints from previous customers, and company history in serving customers.

Avoid stress when packing your goods. Use professional services!

Other services you can count on Cross States Moving with your long-distance move:

Our professionals help you with the packing of suits, dresses, artwork, electronic devices, statues, chandeliers, and items that you find difficult to pack.

We have a wide array of boxes that come with various sizes and designs created specifically to help clients move. We have every prevalent box for every item.

Storage Options
Our company provides storage services to ensure your goods are safe and not damaged in any form. You can decide how long to keep the item until your new place of residence is ready.

We also provide unpacking services to help you remove and organize all your goods.

Assistance from professionals
All our staff is experts in the field of long-distance transfer. With the expertise gained from experience serving various clients, you can be sure you can be calm in the process of moving up to your destination.

Professional staff will explain the costs according to the distance and professional services you’ll need.

The cost you for long-distance moving depends on the size of goods and the distance to your destination. Our staff will check your belongings, and quote you based on that.

The things that affect your moving costs
– Transfer Distance
– Amount/weight of items you are moving
– Do you use containerized services or will you pack the goods yourself?

You will be charged additional fees if:
Obstacles during the transfer process such as the distance of the door from the truck, whether you have to go through the stairs or elevator. Or, sometimes we need a small shuttle to help to move the goods to places our trailer can’t park in.

There may be companies that do not mention the additional costs when making a deal, but our company will discuss it from the beginning.

Rest assured that we have all the transparencies you need.


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