Nowadays, you could get as many things as you want with a lot of financial solutions. However, if you have very limited space, to begin with, where do you suppose to keep them? Our Cross State Moving know about the need of the Millenials, which demands efficiency and effectivity. This is why we come with personal and commercial storage for you.

The personal storage is meant for people with limited space in their house and needs more breathing room.

You could rent our personal storage service to help you store your less needed stuff for the time being. You could always access and take out your stuff later on without worries.

We help you store your belongings safely, while you could breathe more rooms in your house.

You could rent our Cross State Moving personal storage units to help you with the storage space you need.

You could adjust the budget and space according to your current situation. No need to pay for the extra space you don’t even need.

You could ask us to predict the storage you might need and we could inquire about the price and availability.

The standard personal storage unit measurements would be 5’x7’x7.5’. And if you need more space, you could just rent multiple storages.

Remember that it is just the number of storage you need will be charged to you. We won’t make unnecessary verdicts just to make you pay more than you need.

Our personal storage service won’t let you struggle with large items such as pianos, large sofas, huge wardrobes, or pool tables.

You don’t have to try to stuff them into the limited personal storage. You could ask us anytime to help you with huge items, then we would take care of the wrappings and the storage in our warehouse.

Keeping tabs on your inventory could be a bother, let out professional workers take care of this stuff.

If you need to access our warehouse to see your stored large items anytime, you could make an appointment with us and we would take care of the deliveries for you for a small cost.

Enquire us anytime for your detailed price list of our personal storage services.

Besides the personal storage units, we also provide commercial storage services for startup companies.

We understand that many startups struggling with their limited funds and space. In that case, we offer our professional warehouse system to help them manage their inventory.

With more than 100.000 sq ft space of warehouse in the country, we also provide you with our highly skilled and professional workers as our warehouse team.

Our warehouses have multiple loading dock system with levelers and high clearance for extra-large items.

Professional staff is stationed in the facility so that every problem or inquiries that emerge should be taken care of quickly.

You could never have better services from any other commercial warehouse service, for our Cross State Moving has learned through years and experience.

Communication plays a big part in successful services and inventories, we always emphasize on good communication between our team and yours.

We dedicate our services to be a part of your company operations as if they are part of the same team.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of the service, you could give us complaints anytime you think necessary.

Even for production houses and entertainment warehousing, we could help you store the props and movie sets safely and professionally.

The next time you want to use them, you could see that it is no different than the first time you put them into our storage.

Personal storage could help you a lot in managing your limited space at home.

While you store away the properties you don’t really need at the moment, you can also have a bigger space for you and your family.

The same goes for startup companies or production houses. They could use Cross State Moving Commercial Storage service to provide them with the inventory they need.

Don’t need to worry about spending unnecessary funds on something so simple, instead, you could spend them expanding your startup project.

Just enquire us and we will gladly provide you with quotations based on your needs.


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